The Oilean Project update

My cohort, Cyril O'Flaherty, and I spent a glorious five days off the coast of Belmullet on the Inis Kees a couple of months ago. The Oilean Project, now in our tenth year, continues... The work has started for our September exhibition set for the Clifden Arts Festival. Return to the Islands for a longer stay is delayed due to Cyril busting his Achilles heel! There always seems to be something nibbling at it so maybe it has finally caught up with him and it's message is to slow down. He tells me he has his head stuck into the painting which is all he can do for now -blessings in disguise. We reconvene in August for madcap dash to the finish.

Meanwhile I busy myself with a portrait commission and a garden which is intent on birthing new tomato plants whether we want them or not. Our compost holds secret treasures in hidden seeds. European beaurocrats can try all they want to ban our right to save our own seeds but nature will still go on sprouting regardless. The first cucumbers from the tunnel taste devine and my wife made the best cabbage and potato pie this side of the Benns.